Running appears to be more popular than ever these days. No matter where you look – park or beach, city or countryside – everybody is doing it and everybody seems to enjoy it.

imagesRunning is fun, inexpensive and it doesn't require a membership. All you need is a pair of decent shoes and socks, and you can run whenever it suits you.

Running is an excellent way to improve endurance or to lose weight. What's more, running can help you clear your head – in fact many runners will tell you that it is a type of meditation.

Simply taking up running without any kind of preparation or strategy is a recipe for injury. Building up your running practice is very important, because your body, tendons and muscles need time to adapt to this new activity.

UrbanLife can help you work out a careful build-up for your running practice, making sure you'll be able to run 10 kilometers sooner than you might expect. We can also assist you in preparing for long-distance running events, such as the Dam tot Damloop, the Netherlands' biggest running event, or a half marathon.

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